Parliament Plus Experience

Welcome to Parliament Plus — a new experience where luxurious, upgraded home spaces seamlessly transitions into an easy, efficient workplace that offers hot desks, casual meeting areas, printer, high speed wi-fi, coffee station, and privacy as needed for calls or meetings in a freshly-designed co-working space — all located within the Business Hub & co-working space in your Clubhouse.

Parliament Plus – changing the way you live & work


Suite Features:

Re-think your life/work balance:

Wouldn't you love to have the flexibility of being home when you needed to, but having an office space where you can think and focus and do conference calls or interviews in peace without interruptions…

This is the new world of work and we’re ready to make it happen for you!

“Forward-looking businesses are redesigning the overall working environment and process to suit a modern workforce — one that facilitates a more collaborative and flexible way of working that appeals to different demographics and caters for everyone.

The speed of technology and information has further facilitated the need and use of independent contractors and temporary workers, offering businesses a more flexible approach to how they manage key project initiatives and workload fluctuations. The key is to balance the advantages of a more flexible workforce with the need for creating a workplace that is collaborative, motivated and ultimately happy.”
— David Jones
The CEO Magazine
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The new world of work

“Besides the homebound, remote work includes employees working outside the office several days a week from multiple locations, freelancers who permanently work from a variety of locations, the co-working-space crowd, and digital nomads… The very structure of work is changing, and companies are scrambling to keep up.”
— Scott Mautz
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Work & Parenting

“While women and men are starting to more equally share the care-giving responsibilities of raising children, women still bear the lion's share of those responsibilities, but they also want to be professionally active,” Reynolds told Know Your Value. “… In some cases, these moms are still working 40 hours per week — or maybe even more — but the work is spread out in ways that allow them to spend time with their family in ways a traditional office job would not.” —
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